How to ferment food.?!

Question: How to ferment food!.!?
Hey, I'm a casual drinker and I've been wondering about fermenting food to make alcohol!.

I don't know anything about this process so a little help would be nice!.
Ultimately, I would like to know if I can take some fruit or something, let it sit for a bit and end up with alcohol!. I read something about prison booze which involved mixing some fruits with like ketchup and letting it sit in a closed bag or container for some time and the end result was an alcoholic beverage that, according to others, tastes like ***!.


1) Is it possible to ferment some food to form an alcoholic beverage!? If so, how!?
2) In the process of fermenting, does will any harmful chemicals be created in the beverage!?
3) Lastly, will it taste good!?

Please note I don't have any equipment that professionals use and I have no experience in this!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Almost any organic material will ferment!. Fermentation is simply the process of yeast converting sugars into alcohol!. The problem is contamination from other bacteria and molds doing the exact same thing as the yeast which you WANT to do the process!. Therefore, cleanliness is next to godliness!. You will end up sterilizing everything you use!. OK, so you can make a simple brew, a type of wine actually, from any sweet fruit, and add a pinch of brewers yeast, and let it sit covered for a week or so in a cool place until it stops bubbling!. The bubbles are from CO2 given off by the yeast as it consumes the sugars!. Skim off the foam scum on top and filter the fluid to remove sediment and you have a very crude type of wine!. That is all there is to it!. I'm sure that if you use a search engine and search for something like homemade wine making, you will come up with a wealth of hits with all the details you need and resources for information and materials!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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