How many bud lights is too many to drink in one night?!

Question: How many bud lights is too many to drink in one night!?
i've been drinking about 27 bud lights on a average of 1 or 2 nights a week!. i was just wondering is that way too much for a 23 year old!. lolWww@FoodAQ@Com

Yeah!. You're drinking too much!. If you don't already have a gut, you're gonna get one!. Not to mention the other effects of the alcohol!. I'd recommend drinking a heavier, stronger beer!. Ales rock!. Or even just a better quality beer!. (Not that I hate Bud!. I am an Anheuser-Busch stockholder and love some of their brews!. But it has its time and its place!.) Try some Magic Hat, Newcastle, Yuengling, etc!. You'll feel more fulfilled and enjoy drinking them so much that you won't want to rush it!. But yeah, 27 is way too many from 1 night of drinking!. Or even two!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Ugh, yeah, you honestly have to ask!?

Why you would drink 5 gallons of bud light a week is beyond me!. Gotta be an easier way to get drunk!.

And if you give a ****, the safe amount to drink in a day would be 3 or 4!. That is since they are light beers and you're obviously a guy!. With regular beers, probably 2-3!.

This does not mean you can drink 28 in one day and say it averages out to 4 a day!. Doesn't work that way!. You do the damage to your body by drinking 27 in a day, not by drinking 3-4!.

Do as you wish!. Just letting you know that it is not a good amount to be drinking by any means!.

The only way I could see 27 in a day being a good amount would be if you weighed the equivelant of 9 men!. So, what, around 1500lbs!? You basically are drinking like a water buffalo should!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

are you talking baby 25cl cans or big manly 50cl cans like we europeans drink!? If it's baby cans then 27 is reasonable!. If it's big manly cans you have a problem!. Perhaps its time you increased the difficulty level and drank proper beer!? You might drink less of it!.


One, that stuff is garbage!. 27 is deffinitely too many, you should drink about 5 good beers and cut yourself off!. You are pissing you $$ away!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

No that's about average for a 23 year old weekend drinker!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Why don't you drink some beer instead!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

to Mr Hacker!
I used too drink ,only too find my self in a rut,where i would drink More ands More alcohol,and then comes depressions and then comes More drinking and drinking!.Where it almost took over my Life!
It is a waste of Life!.
I came too a Point i needed help,I started spending all my money the fisrt day i got payed,only too find i been borrowing!.
Now mind you i get paid every two weeks!.
Then i started loosing every thing,and friends and family where they came too the Point they hated being around me!.

Think about it!?Drinking can bring you down and leade you in depression because you drink 27 budlight on an average 1 to 2 anight!.

Get involved with church,getting out meeting people go too baseball what ever!.
Because Alcohol is Like druggs,once your hooked,its takes over your Life!

Do you want that!?
I Thank God i found Jesus he deliverd me from it!.
God bless you,

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