Do You Know Your Alcohol?!

Question: Do You Know Your Alcohol!?
I work at a liquor store in Minnesota, and we are about to expand our store by almost double!. Basically I'm looking for some UNCOMMON wines, liquor and beer to recommend to my boss to fill the new shelf and cooler space!. They can be from the cheapest of the cheap to very high end!. We already have somewhat of a list going, but it would be good to add more until we move in sometime in January!.

Keep in mind, these must be available in my state!. Microbreweries and small distilleries usually have to be within the midwest region for a possibility of bringing them in!. Small vineyards elsewhere I might be able to work with!. And nothing from restaruants please!. Most of those are exclusive to dining establishments and we are unable to obtain them!.

Any help would be appreciated!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Not sure how much Micro Brew you want on your shelves but to help out some of our smaller breweries in Texas there is Rahr & Son's Brewery in Ft!.Worth, and the Real Ale Brewery in Blanco that are putting out some really good brews!. Might check with them on getting some of their stuff you way!. Who knows you may end up being to only place in Minnesota that carries these beers!.

The "Zork" line from Sebastiani vineyards in Sonoma Ca!. Labeled under "Hey Mambo"!. The zork is a wine enclosure you can open with your hands!. Has like a curly zip top that you pull off first (somewhat like the plastic cap on a 1 gallon jug of milk) then has a cork that can be pulled by hand (like a brandy bottle)!.


Well, a HUGE selling point would be carmel vodka!. Know how all us girls like our appletinis!? Well make it with carmel vodka, and it is a carmel appletini
I was a waitress for ten years, and turned a billion women, and a lot of men onto this, they came back over and over just for these!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

The Yakima valley in eastern Washington have several very respectable offerings!.
Olympic Cellars, Hoodsport, Pasek Cellars cranberry is better that any I've tasted, Sky River Mead turns out sweet, semi-sweet and dry varieties!.

Alize! I love the look and sound of this drink but I can't find it anywhere!. Maybe it is available around where you are!.


I used to work in a liquor store a lot of years ago, and the owners used to have a lot of unusual brands for the same reason, to fill space!. Most were so uncommon that a box or case were in that store much longer than I was!. Probably still there to this day!. It's a good idea because it also looks classy and the product rarely, if ever, needs to be replaced!. I have no idea what's easy to get in Minnesota, but what the owners at my place did was ask the distributor's salespeople when they came in!. They know of brands that they don't even bother pushing because they're either too expensive for the average shopper or too obscure!. They could definitely give you some good ideas, plus it makes them look good to move that product and they'll be happy to unload it!. Just keep in mind that a lot of the high-priced and uncommon cheap stuff will be on your shelves forever!. Don't let them talk you into buying a train car full of Carling Elephant Beer just to get off their hands and into yours!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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