Want to start drinking wine.. Don't know where to start?!

Question: Want to start drinking wine!.!. Don't know where to start!?
I really want to get into drinking wine!. I am so picky on liquor it's not funny!. I don't like beer at all, and I don't really like mixing hard liquor with juice because I can still taste the liquor, and coolers are to fizzy and you can't really just sip on them I find!. I've never really had wine before and I want something I can have in the evenings, like a glass or two!. Nothing bitter!.!. something sweet that I can sip on! I don't even know where to start as there is so many kinds! I heard splemonte is good, what is that!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

the taste of wine pretty much sucks ballz if you dont like the taste of mixed drinks!. i understand though cus i would rather take a shot than mix a drink because you still taste the alcohol and it just makes it more grossness to drink!. you should just try to like beer more, it really is an accuired taste!. you need to keep drinking beer until your mind connects the taste with the good feeling and then it wont be as bad!. every time i drink beer i like the taste more and more, even though it is awful, i guess you could say your mind tricks you into liking it just for the buzz!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

go down to a wine store, take a look at what they have, keep in mind that the cheaper it is the bigger hangover you'll have the next day - this is assuming your going to drink 1 750ml bottle on your own!. White wine has several variety's so try blended wines first before trying say savugnon blanc, chardonnay is a tricky one as it's wooded and you may not like that!. on the red side, merlot is great, shiraz is very spicey,Cabernett savugnon is very heavy!. the best bet with any wine is to go to wine tastings!. there's a lot of that happening!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well there are many types of wine, if your looking for a sweet one try dessert wine also called ice wine!. just go to a liquor store thats big and has lots of wines and ask!.!.!.some other ideas are to seek out wine bars where you can try many different kinds of wine for cheap, but first things first!.!.!.go learn about wine, here http://en!.wikipedia!.org/wiki/Wine
where and how its made, the different grape varieties so you will know what is what and then just go from there!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Your best bet would be to attend some wine tastings or winery tours!. Then you'll get cheap or free samples and you'll know what you like and how much it costs!. Otherwise you're getting subjective advice!.

Check out the nicer liquor stores in your area for tastings!. Distributors and wineries will do free (or nearly free) tastings to sell product and get their wine on the shelves!. Just ask the clerk or check for fliers!. I know of two locally that have monthly tastings from different distributors and another that does a small tasting every single week!.

The other option is to tour a winery!. If you live on the coasts this might be an option!. If you're in the midwest, no such luck!. Virginia and California are the best: lots of good wineries within driving distance!. I did 5 wineries on a Sunday and probably tasted 20 wines for the cost of gas and maybe 20 bucks in tasting fees!.

Once you know what you LIKE, you can ask for advice using that as a basis!. If you like Riesling, you'll probably like Vidal Blanc or Muscato or Chenin Blanc!. If you like Merlot you'll probably like Cab Sav and Malbec and Syrah!.

The worst thing you can do is to buy a bunch of cheap wines and get disappointed over and over!. Trying an awful Cab Sav will sour you on that grape forever and you could miss out on all sorts of great wines!.

All that said, I'll recommend Vidal Blanc as a great sweet white!. New York and Virginia varieties are very nice and generally inexpensive!. I'd also try some Riesling!. Look for "Auslese" on the label for the sweetest variety!. Schmitt Sohne is the most common, I'd skip their blue bottles and "Relax" line and go for the Piesporter or Estate, but only because I think it's worth it!. The Relax variety is pretty mild and tame, but also very cheap!. There's nothing wrong with it, Relax and the blue bottle versions are essentially the Budweiser of Riesling!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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