What do you think about teenage drinking?!

Question: What do you think about teenage drinking!?
what do you think about teenagers (ages 14-18) drinking and doing marijuana (pot or weed)

those two things seem very common around teenagers,

and from what i heard, neither of them can cause permanent damage if you are responsible!.!.

and also, if you had to drink or smoke pot which would you do!?

[ i would ask that mostly teens answer please! ]Www@FoodAQ@Com

The problem here is that teens are usually not responsible!. Alcohol and marijuana are fine in moderation and when used responsibly, BUT most kids under 18 are not going to use these two substances in moderation or responsibly!.

Believe it or not getting drunk and super high are not two things a very responsible person does!.
Drinking or using marijuana in moderation does not include getting really trashed!. Even if it is just once in a while!.
If you get drunk every time you consume alcohol it is called 'binging' and is very irresponsible and is not something that goes with the term moderation!.

IF you are responsible you can drink and get stoned with no permanent damage!. That is a BIG if though!. I am 21 years old!. I've been drinking since the age of 14 and I used to smoke a good bit when I was 15/16/17!. I can tell you right now I am still not a responsible drinker, although I am much more responsible and smarter with my choices now!.
I can also tell you that at college parties there is copious amounts of alcohol!. But you can always tell if there is someone who is a freshman in college, or a high school student there!. They always act way more out of control and extremely irresponsible in comparison to the over 20 set!.

I would personally rather drink!. I get tested for drugs at work randomly and alcohol is not part of that test!. MJ is though!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

i don't think there should be any laws revolving around substance use, no matter what age someone is, and no matter how intoxicating it may be!.
most kids are gonna learn how to do it right eventually, and for the others who don't, they can always go to AA and pretend their life is better!.

if i had a choice between drinking or smoking, at the moment i'd rather smoke some ganja, but that's just because i drank last night and haven't smoked in a few months!. most of the time i would rather get drunk!.
oh yeah, and i'm 17!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Thing is teens aren't responsible
Believe me I would know, I'm 18
I'm a great student, all that crap, and I've been drinking since 13/14
And I'm fairly sure I'm dangerously close to the definition of an alcoholic
It started as a sometimes thing and just went out of control
I would give anything to not have ever started drinking, but stupid teenagers arent going to listen to anybody
I would pick alcohol as I have never done weedWww@FoodAQ@Com

I have a 3!.0 GPA and I smoke weed and drink!. Granted, I don't so them often, but I still do them!. I'm nowhere near being an alcoholic!. These activities are very common!. It all depends how responsible you are!. I think teen drinking is good, because it teaches them how to be responsible when they get older!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

doing those 2 things u have to do it responsibly and uve got watch who ur buy ur "drugs" from because ppl can always lace it wit any other kinda drunk they want!.!.i have done weed maybe 5 times if that in my life so far!.!.!.drinking is another story to uve got to watch if u go to a party so ppl dont slip sumthing in to ur drink!.!.i always watch for that!. i drink yes but i usually drink at my house!. i have a few friends over and we drink and just have a good time but we always do it in a responsible manner!. i always kno wen ive hit my limit and of course i never let anybody leave my houe if they have driven to my house and i never have driven while even having one beer in me!. and i hope as u get older neither do u and never drive while under the influence of drugs either cuz both of them can impair ur driving!. but just if ur going to do both just be very careful and watch who u get the drugs from and watch ur drinks if ur a party thats the most dangerous place to drink is at a party!.!.!.if u go to the bathroom take ur drink with u it may sound dumb but seriously u prolly say u can trust everyone at the party but u cant ive learned the hard way i asked my friend nd her boyfriend to get me a drink while at a party nd sumthing must have been slipped in my drink and his brothers drink becuz we woke up together in the long run we were both the same age nd ended up dating but thats besides the point sumthing was in my drink!.!.!.!.just be very careful and safe while doign oth things AND NEVER DRIVE WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ANYTHING PLEASE!.!.!.!.anymore question feel free to email me at donkel8508@yahoo!.com!.!.!.!.oh by the way im 18!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Teen drinking is defiantly not a good idea!. Alot of adults can't handle it, teens def don't need to be getting drunk!. Of course me being over 21 helps me say that now!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I think it's lousy that whatever teens do is often used as an excuse to penalize us adults who don't even have kidsWww@FoodAQ@Com

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