PLEASE HELP! What type of cherry juice do I drink for Gout?!

Question: PLEASE HELP! What type of cherry juice do I drink for Gout!?
I believe I do have Gout, I hear that cherries is good to eat and cherry juice to drink as well, but I'm not sure what type of cherry juice does it have to be natural or!?!?!.!.
I read about Gout and it shows that it usually starts on your toes, well, mine did but I usually just get one swollen finger, Usually when you have arthritis doesn't all you fingers swell!? I always just get one of my fingers, not all at once!. Like right now my middle finger is wselled like a plump sausauge!. I have not been diagnosed for it but I have a feeling I do have it cause of my symptoms!. Ill go to the Dr!. as soon as my insurance kicks in, but for now any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated:)
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First two answers were very informative, is it normal for me to have Gout!? I'm only 34yrs old, when I read about it, it shows that women in thier 50's are the ones it hits the most!.!. I'm still kinda young!.
Again, any info would be appreciated:)

It started in my husband's foot at age 18!. The cherry juice helps him a lot!. You have to get the pure kind, not pomegranite-cherry or cherry-white grape or anything like that!. They have it at Trader Joe's, if they have that where you live, but cherries are seasonal, so stock up!. also, it's important to drink it as soon as you start to feel the pain!. It is much more effective taken preventively rather than as a remedy once you are in severe pain!. The health food store sells supplements, but he hasn't tried those yet!. The doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory's, also more effective taken at the first sign of pain!.
Cut down on alcohol and meat, especially organ meat!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Go to the health food store and buy the cherry juice!.!.!.no sugar pure concentrate!. Try to cut red meat and alcohol out of your diet!.
I hope this helps!.!.!. also see your doctor there are medications that you can take at the first sign that help too!.
My husband started getting it in his early 30's too!. Not too common but it does happen!.!.diet has a lot to do with it!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Oh how I feel for you!. I had gout in my toes about 8 months ago and it hurt like hell!.

I did the cherry juice thing and to be honest I did not feel like it helped all that much!. Went to the DR!. and he changed my BP medicine, ,,,,

I bought a home remedy guide but cannot find it right now!.!.!. If I find it I'll send it to you!.

In answer to you question, I could only find bottled cherry juice at my market!.!.!.!.!. I was hoping frozen would be cheaper but not available!.

Edit! found the report!.!.!.!.!. will be happy to send if you give me your email address!. mine is hambone2338@yahoo!.comWww@FoodAQ@Com

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