In the west in the early 1800's, when a cowboy ordered whiskey?!

Question: In the west in the early 1800's, when a cowboy ordered whiskey!?
Where did the whiskey come from and what kind of whiskey was it!? Was it corn based bourbon style whiskey like what is made in Kentucky and Tennessee!?

Just curious as to where cities like Dodge City and Tombstone got their booze and what kind it was!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

No, it wouldn't have been Jack Daniels (founded 1875)!.

It also wouldn't have been modern Bourbon, although it might have been an early precursor!. Plus mass production of Scotch/Irish whisky wouldn't have happened until the later 1800s and I doubt many cowboys would have been willing to pay the import costs for a bottle of Scotch!.

So it's locally made stuff!. The original Bulleit might have been in production, Evan Williams certainly was (1780 or so)!. And Americans have been making whisky since before there was a USA (google Whisky Rebellion)!. As for a "brand", hard to say!. It might have been some local farmer's mix or a small brewing and distilling business nobody remembers!. He would have essentially ordered "whiskey" and gotten whatever the house had!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It would have been whiskey made in and around Kentucky!. When the US got their independence from England, George Washington was looking for a way to raise money!. So, he decided to tax the whiskey distillers in the colonies!.

To avoid this taxation, many distillers moved out west to the Bourbon region of Kentucky!. This was along the Bourbon river, which had a limestone bed that removed the iron from the water!. That along with the use of a sour mash (part of the mash from a previously distilled batch was added to the new batch to keep the flavor consistent) is what gives Bourbon whiskey its unique flavor!.

In fact, whiskey is considered the most American distilled spirit!. Rum was the spirit of choice for the colonial Americans until the British put a tax on it!. So, the colonies began distilling their own whiskey, because of the abundance of grains in the new land!. And, it then became very patriotic to drink American whiskey!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Most of it was distilled from whatever was at hand, and many were vile!. That was why it was called "gut rot"!.

It was only later the more reputable brans became available!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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