Is Schlitz beer still being made? Does anyone actually drink it?!

Question: Is Schlitz beer still being made!? Does anyone actually drink it!?
I never liked it I was a Bud man when I worked for a man who drank only Schlitz!. I am now a Guinness Extra Sout man!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

john h I glad you asked that question!. I was thinking about Schlitz a few weeks ago!. I did a quick search and found that's its back!. I drink PBR at times so I'll be looking for Schlitz soon!. It was OK but near the end of production they changed the formula and didn't taste right to me!. Now they are going to produce it with the original reciepe!.
Guinness is a aquired taste and full!. Other beers are light by comparison so you wouldnt like it!.

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