Alcohol consumption and the young person?!

Question: Alcohol consumption and the young person!?
Do you think that under eighteens should be allowed into places which readily sell alcohol!? I know they are allowed, but what reasons do you think which would suggest they should / should not be allowed!?
All opinions valued!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

We have a really big problem with that locally where I live!
There's a bar owner who allows kids in to "play pool & smoke" and she feels it's not a big deal or problem!.
She claims she has children of her own (teenagers) and that the environment in her bar is so tame that she allows her own children to hang out in there!.!.and the teenagers that come there to hang out are watched very closely - as they are also parents!

They were closed down a few times because there were older men buying a beer & bringing it out to the picnic table for an under-age girl!.!.and the doorman was arrested for selling pot also!. The last time she was "raided" they found 2 drunks with loaded hand-guns in their possession!.

I'm one of the MANY who petitioned to get her closed down! So, yes I have a very strong opinion about this!.!.!.
As I see it - only 2 people are profiting from them being there!.!.!.the business owner is getting some $$ from the sales & the guys who like young girls have a way to get them drunk & lower their defenses!.

As my Daddy would say - there's nothing good going on in a bar!.!.and there's nothing good going on after 11pm!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I will be speaking for US!. Legal drinking age is 21!.

I have seen some Clubs in NJ that allow 18 year old Girls in (no drinking of course) but will not allow under 21 Guys!. I have not been to one of these establishments though I am told the under 21 girls are monitored by security and bartenders!.

I can honestly say, its a bad idea!. Its easy to get the girls drinks, order a shot of vodka, dump it in the girls Diet Coke!. Morally I think its rather disgusting!. They are not allowing the girls in because its legal, they are doing it to benefit the 21+ guys!. Though thats the topic of a whole different discussion!.

There are also clubs that have teen nights!. These are fine because 21+ are not even allowed in and no alcohol is poured!.

In a small bar, that does a majority of its sales from alcohol, should not allow underage people in at all!. If the establishment relies more on food sales or is established as a Restaurant more then it is a Bar, then under 21 allowed but not at the bar itself!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

The reason you go to a bar is to drink, and maybe get a date!. If you are under age, and you want a date, or want to listen to music, go to a roller rink!. It is way to easy to sneak a drink to an under age person in a bar!. They get drunk too easy, and don't know how to behave when drinking!. It can only lead to bad decision making, as far as I'm concerned!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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