What do I do about the yeast in my Wine/mead?!

Question: What do I do about the yeast in my Wine/mead!?
For now I siphon it, about 3 times, and try to not get the sediment each time!. there is always some sediment left!. Is it OK to drink as long as I don't drink all the sediment!? I usually leave about a 1cm-2cm liquid at the bottom!. How bad would it be to just drink the sediment mixed in with all the drink!? Btw my wine never comes out looking clear, is that bad!?

You might be able to answer multiple of these questions with one answer, sorry, but I had to ask each one specifically to know for sure!.

I'm using Honey, water, Montrachet yeast, and a 3-5gallon container from my work to make it!. That is literally all of my supplies, except for the clear hose I bought from LOWS to use as a siphon!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

While the sediment won't taste good it isn't harmful either!. That said your supplier for mead and wine making should have a number of filtration systems that can remove all yeast and sediment and will clear your wine and mead a great deal!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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