Alcoholic Beverages!?!? ?!

Question: Alcoholic Beverages!!?!!? !?
I just purchased my first home at the age of twenty-one and would like to throw a get together with about thirty of my friends from school this thanksgiving break!.!.

The problem is I am not a drinker and most of my friends are!.!. I am planning on spending no more than $150 on alcohol and have no idea where to start and how much prices are on a case, keg, boxes of wine, and bottles are!?!?

I would really appreciate your help!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I will try the best as possible to help:

Cases of decent beer run from 18-30
Bottles of decent hard liquor run from 15-well 100s
Bottles of wine you can probably do for under 10!.

My suggestion is to find out what type of beers your friends like and figure 8 beers/ person!. This will probably leave you with extras but I ams sure at some point they will be consumed!.

For liquor, my best suggestion would be to buy a handle of vodka and rum!. For Vodka just purchase a glass handle in the 18-25 range and do the same for rum!. That should get you some decent stuff!. Then with wine, ask the people at the liquor store to help you out!. also regarding the hard liquor, you may want to consult with your friends about what to buy!.

Additionally, you may find this website helpful, each drink has a drink calculator page where you can input number of drinkers and drinks per person and it will tell you exactly how much liquor you need to purchase!. also, it will spit out what types of drinks you can make based on the liquor you have in your virtual bar or by using the advance search feature:


Good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

We usually just buy liquor, mixers, and beer for ourselves!. People are more than welcome to partake of the liquor supplied, regardless of what you get!. We don't generally get kegs, because you can't store what's left (if anything)!. We buy more beer than we can drink, but don't bother catering to everyone's brands!. If you want a few of my beers, fine, but I'm not buying otu the liquor store!. People generally have no problem bringing their own beer-or liquor, if you ask nicely and are providing the facility and the food!. In your case, you could try to find out which brand of beer is most common among your friends and buy a case or two of that!. It also depends on whether you're planning a crazy party or a nice party!. Ours are generally more the crazy type, so we'll pick up some jager, different flavors of pucker, rum, vodka, maybe make jello shots, etc!. If you're going for a calmer, nice party, then maybe some wine, scotch, vodka, etc, but not the lower end pucker and stuff!. Really depends on what you want to do!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Booze can wreck a party budget real fast!.

I'd suggest that you buy a few bottles of decent quality, but not terribly expensive, red wine and white wine!. On your invitations, indicate that guests should bring their own booze!. Then you supply a an assortment of mixers, ice, and glasses!.

Some folks might look at this as a cheapskate attitude, and perhaps it is!. But it is also logical!. With 30 people, it will be impossible to supply everyone with their favorite tipple and stay anywhere near your budget!. Let's face it, $150!.00 would buy no more than 3 bottles of moderately priced single malt scotch, and no more than five bottles of high priced popular vodka!. That does not even cater to the beer drinkers, bourbon drinkers and wind drinkers!.

Put your money into food, decorations and enteratinment!. Let your pals bring their favorite poison!.

An alternative would be to throw a typical Frat Party with either a keg of draft beer, or tell everyone to bring a bottle of white liquor and make trash can punch!. The trouble is, not everyone likes beer or white liquor!.

My vote is for BYOB!.


Yeah it depends on where you live is to what the sales taxes are and everything on alcohol!. Your best bet is to go to a liqueur store not a grocery store!. Some good drinks that I have seen a lot of people drink are:
Amaretto Sour (my favorite) you will need a bottle of Amaretto and a bottle of Sweet and Sour mix!.!.just follow the directions on the bottle or mix it til it tastes good to you!.
Geiger Bombs (fiances favorite) you will need a bottle of Geigermister and a 6 pack of Red Bull!.!.mix it til it tastes good or follow directions on the bottle!. (tastes like cough medicine to me but the guys love them)
Margaritas, you will need a bottle of Tequila silver, bottle of margarita mix and some Margarita salt!.!.follow directions on bottle, I like to blend ice in the machine then add ingredients then mix again!.!.!.
Vodka and orange juice for the healthy drinkers!.!.haha
Get a 12 pack of Bud Light and Coors or something!.!.!.then get a couple bottles of Boones Farm or some kind os wine spritzer!.
If you get these items you will have no problem pleasing your guests!.
They are very good, and its a wide variety!.!.if you want you can look the names of them up and get the recipes for them or just look on the bottles at the store!. Congrats on your first place, it must feel awsome!
Have Fun, and remember: Friends Dont Let Friends Drink and Drive!

prices vary by location, quality of alcohol etc
kegs can run about 80!.00, yellowtail wine is good a bottle goes for about 12!.00, bacardi rum about 20!.00 a bottle and grey goose vodka is about 30-40 a bottle
you should serve bottled beer, get some red and white wine and just 2-3 hard liquors!. i suggest 2 bottle rum, vodka and 1 bottle of tequila or jack daniels for shots

It depends on what kind of drinkers the majority of your friends are!. If most of them drink mostly beer, I'd spend the $150 on a 1/2 barrel keg and a 30-pack, and have liquor be BYOB!. The keg seems costly, but you get the deposit back on the empty keg and the tap when you return it!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

A half (sometimes called mini) keg would be fine for that many people and then maybe a bottle or two of liquor!. You will spend more up front with the keg, but it's a lot cheaper than buying 30 packs and you get money back after returning it!. Have fun :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

what I would do is whatever city you are in just look in yahoo or google or your phonebook for a liqour store around you!.!. maybe closer than you think and just ask them their prices!. You are pretty safe with middle of the road stuff also!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

just spend a load on cheap beer that tastes like crap

or buy non -alcoholic beer hahahaWww@FoodAQ@Com

get a much beer as you can get 20 12 packs!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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