Whisky vs Cognac ?!

Question: Whisky vs Cognac !?
Which one do you prefer and WHY!?

I drink a lot of whisky but i never tried cognac what is the taste like similar to whisky or not!?


It brings an experience of elevation to me!.
It is much smoother than most whisky's and tht burning sensation is kept fr a longer time!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

My experience with Whiskey & Brandies is limited!. I have much too much a delicate palate for their consumption!. But of the two I prefer the Cognac!. I suppose for me it is less harsh a beverage to drink!. It is my guess that there does exist some whiskies and Cognacs that have similar sensory profiles and others that remain completly different!. I do understand that Scotch is a smooth whisky but I have had it twice only!. Since I very much enjoy the sensory aspect of both whisky/whiskey and Cognac perhaps more adventure on my part in needed to gain enough experience to appreciate them more!.

Whisky barrels make for great beer aging which impart vibrant flavor profiles to any beer!.

Joseph, Distilling (do you mean grape juice!?) grapes only concentrates the grape juice!. However, by distilling a wine made from fermented grape juice, AKA wine, Brandy/Cognac is produced!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Your talking about two very different things!. 1) Whiskey/Bourbon/Scotches are made form rye, wheat, or corn!.

Scotch is whiskey that only comes from Scotland and Bourbon is whiskey that only comes from Bourbon County, Kentucky!.

Brandy which is a spirit made by distilling grapes to a higher proof than they achieve as wine!. Cognac is Brandy that only can be made from the Cognac region in France!.

The Italian variety known as grappa, is made using the seeds, stem, and residue pulp left over from pressing grapes into juice for wine!. This mash is then fermented, and the remaining pomace is turned into brandy, which is usually referred to simply as pomace brandy!.

Popular fruit brandies include the cherry-flavored Kirsch from Germany, the apple-flavored Calvados from France, and the plum-flavored Mirabelle from France!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

I prefer Bourbon Whiskey to Cognac, but if the night calls for Cognac, I have no problem with it!.

Oddly enough I prefer Courvoisier over the more expensive and elite, Hennessy and Remy!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Cognac, try it, you will be transported!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I'm a whiskey girl!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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