What drink can I make with these ingredients?!

Question: What drink can I make with these ingredients!?
I don't mean all of them!.!.!.this is what I have, and I'm looking for ideas: whiskey, Baileys, Disarrano, Apple Pucker, Peach Schnapps, tequila, grenadine, milk, sweet and sour, water, lemon juice, and rasberry syrup!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Over Ice:
(Almond Coffee)
2 oz Bailey's
1 1/2 oz Disarrano
3 oz MilkWww@FoodAQ@Com

Desarono and milk
whiskey and lemon juice
Baileys straight
Tequela and sweet/sour
Grenadine and milkWww@FoodAQ@Com


1oz Creme de Cacao
1oz Frangelica
1oz Vodka
3oz cream or milk
Pour all ingredients into shaker with ice!. Here's the secret!.!.!. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds!. Pour through strainer into cordial glass!. There should be some ice crystals in the glass and the drink will be light and frothy

SUMMER SUCKER This mix is great to cool off with on a hot summer day!.

1/2 bottle ABSOLUTE Vodka
1 cup grenedine
2 cans 7-up or club soda!.
1 Large watermelon
Cut a small hole in the top of a watermelon!. Put it standing with the hole down in the sink!. (Save the piece cut out)!. Meanwhile!. Mix the vodka, grenedine and 7-up in a large bowl!. Once it is mixed, flip the watermelon over and slowly pour the mix into the hole!. (make sure that each slow pour you make get soaked into the melon!. Its good to use a funnel) After the mix is all poured in, put the peice you cut out back in the hole and shake the melon!. Then put the melon in the fridge for an hour or the freezer for 20 minutes!. Then slice the melon and enjoy!. It tastes great and the carbonation from the 7-up tingles in your mouth!.

Tropical Storm by Johnny Robards, New Orleans,La!.
1/2 oz!.lt!.rum
1/2 oz!.myers
1/2 oz!.malibu
1/2 oz!.151
equal parts of orange juice and pinnapple splash of grenadine shake over ice and pour into shots For cool refreshing alcoholic beverage simply pour ingredients over ice into a tall collins glass ,shake and garnish w/ cherry and orange!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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