What can i mix with these drinks?!

Question: What can i mix with these drinks!?
im of age i just need more drink ideas
i have mailbu pineapple, mailbu passion fruit, barcardi razz, (grape, green apple, and blue pucker) any drink mixing ideas!?

I have also heard that i should mix the blue pucker with the pineapple mailbu but how much of each in a drink and also what else with it or just those 2 drinks!?
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Sounds like you've got a lab set up that a dentist will enjoy!. I'm getting a cavity just reading your question!.!.!. LOL! Anyway!.!.!. The Pucker, you can really drink that stuff on the rocks or mix it with club soda (less sweet) or 7UP/Sprite (more sweet)!.

As for the Malibu - mix that with fruit juice, like orange juice or any V8 fruit juice (not veggie), that may work!. Experiment - use a shot or two of the liquor and then the rest fruit juice - there is no "wrong" combination!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

As you've probably already figured out, pucker is a bit strong to be drinking straight up!. But with the Razz, you have a medium to make nice mixed cocktails in the vein of Cosmos and Appletinis!.

I invented a drink a few years back which I called Apples to Apples!. You take about 3oz each of green apple Pucker and Bacardi Big Apple, shake with a bunch of ice in a cocktail shaker (shake it well -- I usually go 50 shakes), and pour into a martini glass!. It's really tasty!. Since you don't have the Big Apple on hand, I'd try doing a similar concoction with equal parts of the Razz and the Blue, or the Razz and the Apple (maybe also half razz with 1/4 grape and 1/4 apple)!. They drinks will still have the bright colors of the pucker, but a more balanced, sippable flavor!. You can garnish the Apple shake-up with a cinnamon stick to really jazz it up!.

As for mixing the malibu with the pucker, I think that would work best as a round of shots, as you're going to end up with something extremely sweet -- try 1/2 shot of each and see how it works!. You might want to get some straight vodka and experiment with diluting the combination, and also consider shaking up the shots with ice before serving!.

(Personally I don't think that malibu needs to be mixed with anything!. mmmm!.!.!.)Www@FoodAQ@Com

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