do retailers have to bag alcohol?!

Question: Do retailers have to bag alcohol?

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In most states you cannot open carry hard liquor. So yes, it is required.

That depends on the laws of the state you are in. Some states will let you carry a bottle of liquor home without it being bagged. Others require it. Most states of open-container laws which means you can have the alcohol in your possession, but it cannot be open (meaning the seal cannot have been broken).

Check your states' website and look for information on open container laws. Information on liquor needing to be bagged will be contained within.

I know that where I live they do not have to bag alcohol. If a store is telling you that they have to then maybe you could ask them why. If they say it is the law then check on that and if they say it is store policy then ask why there is that policy.

It depends on local law, as well as the nature of the product.

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