can you camouflage a keg?!

Question: Can you camouflage a keg?
any ideas of how i can camouflage a keg?


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Buy brown craft fur, a bowler, and some round specs and disguise it as Cousin It

Normally you place it inside another barrel of little larger diameter. So a big rain water barrel, old large whiskey barrel, or the old barrels for storing food stuffs. Larger the better so you can put your arms in when putting the keg inside and for removal.
Otherwise it means placing something around the keg to hide it but this means building an enclosure of some type.

Buy a round table top (plywood or glass), place it on top, and cover it with a round, floor-length tablecloth. It's not only camouflaged, but now you have a cute end-table!

Slip your moms sunday best dress over it.

yes, paint it

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