Why do people prefer whisky over rum?!

Question: Why do people prefer whisky over rum?
I tried several whisky brands and they all had the same flavor, burn and stuff.
But I tried yesterday some straight rum(captain morgan gold and black) and they were simply amazing. Why do people always drink whisky when rum is so much better? It's got the same burn as whisky, but better flavor, smell and it can be combined with so many juices and stuff.


There are several types of whiskey out there. Theres rye, malted rye, malted, wheat, bourbon, corn, and then the ones named for their country of origin. Now captain morgan is actually the name for several drinks but most people know the spiced rum which has fruit flavors spices and vanilla added to it. The base ingredient plays a big role in the flavor. Wheat would make a milder whiskey than say sour corn mash like what jack daniels uses.

Well Captain Morgan's is spiced...and sweetened a little I suspect, so that's why that tastes better. If you drank a regular rum straight you probably wouldn't like it as much as captains.

ah...I didn't pay attention when I read ur question. Umm....I don't know b/c I prefer whiskey...I like bourbon actually, so I guess your personal preference is just for rum instead.

I got into bourbon though because I had a bourbon barrel ale once that I loved...so then I tried straight bourbon.

Not sure if you are a man or woman but I don't know too may women who like whiskey. That being said I have to ask what kind of whiskey did you try? I can say that I love Scotch Whiskey, think Canadian Whiksey is not bad, like Irish Whiskey but do not care at all for American Whiskey(Jack Daniels, Makers Mark, Jim Beam etc). If you really want to try some good Whiskey, I suggest getting a nice 12 year old Scotch like Glenlevit or Mccalan. Pour is over just a little ice and then sip it. It is a little more expensive than American Whiskey but you will know where that extra money went from the flavor.

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