How many fosters would it take to get drunk?!

Question: How many fosters would it take to get drunk?
Hi, this is going to be the first time I have a few drinks. How many Fosters would it take to get drunk if you hadn't drunk much before?? Thanks


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How heavy are you?
How often do you drink?
Are you active or lazy?
Have you eaten or not?

Basically, who knows. But there is no point in drinking until you lose control - pointless and silly.

depends on:
emotional state
ethnicity/genetic background
frequency of drinking
basically so many factors that this question is unanswerable. next time you sneak into your dad's fridge and steal a couple beers, don't post it on yahoo answers.

i remember my first beer

2 cans imo
also depends oon weight size etc

it would probably take about 5 or 6 if u drink them quickly. If you drink them slower you wouldnt get as drunk. I drink stella and it would take me 6 or 7 to get me wasted!

i would say about 3 to get drunk and about 5 to get very drunk lol x


About five cans.

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