But, Why is the rum gone?!

Question: But, Why is the rum gone?

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I will go with, 'it was drank/drunk.'


It's not, it's right here! Would you like some? I don't drink the stuff, but someone brought this huge bottle of Captain Morgan's to my party and then saw that I was drinking Black Russians and copied me! Now I've got all this rum

The flesh is strong, but the spirit is weak.

Because it's too damn good!

Uh Johnny Depp.....sooooo hawt.

Maybe because you drank it.

Cause I drank ittttttt
Helllz Ya! I feel gooooooood!

Because that dumb B**** Elizabeth decided to dump it out.. Sheesshh doesn't she know thats a HUGE PARTY FOUL!?1? wtf

cause i drank it

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