how many cigarettes a day?!

Question: How many cigarettes a day?
well basically everyone in my school thinks smoking is cool (i do not) but when they offer me one i dont say no but fake to smoke it (yeah u probs think i dont have guts to say no but they would all laugh at me and trust me thats my weakness) and this girl comes up to me and ask how many cigarettes i smoke on avergae everyday.. i said 3..

now was that a stupid or weird answer or do i sound like a proper smoker?

what is the average amount of cigs young girls (aged 15/16) smoke a day?

FYI i would NEVER get into smoking so if they forced me to i would say no and run away LOL


Don't pretend-please. You believe it isn't cool to smoke (so do i) then say it when they offer them-don't pretend, tell them you won't smoke and if they have a problem-you need new friends.
I'm in year 9 and girls in my year age 14 smoke before school-lunch, break and after so quite alot of cigarettes!!!!!
PLEASE don't pretend
Good luckxx

It would depend on your parents and how much they control your after school life. I'd say 5 a day should do it. 1 on your way to school. 1 on lunch. 1 on the way home. 1 during the evening. 1 after folks fall asleep and you sneak outside. Now weekends are a bit different and can sometimes go up to 7 a day.

well thats a weird question, personally i dont think a person should be smoking more then two cigs a day not matter what age they are, once in a while isnt that bad but everyday is a different story, you gotta take it easy if you really are dying to do it

It's not cool it used to be but now they put so much bs in a cigarette it gives you cancer. don't smoke not worth it

24 male smoker 8 years ten aday

So what you are saying is that you are a poser and a fake?

you should get new friends

I smoke 0 :)

stop worrying about what people think if youre happy with yourself screw that girl

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