will chugging 30ml of vodka get me drunk?!

Question: Will chugging 30ml of vodka get me drunk?
the brands 'cane juice'
uh, i'm 5'3 and 130lbs.


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what kind of question is this are you retarted

30 mls is a shot. That's what you do with shots hahah.
If you haven't eaten recently you might feel something.
Have 2 or 3 and you'll definetely feel something. Just don't have them straight after each other though, wait like 15 minutes between.

I assume you would be drunk and I have heard that drinking Vodka is more dangerous than other drinks.


Don't mix it. Drink it straight and no. Obviously.

nope it wont

im an expert

thats only an ounce of vodka, you will in no way get drunk


ummmm.... how about you mix it with something???

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