Micro Brewed beer...?!

Question: Micro Brewed beer...?
My experience with micro brewed beer is that it is flat, or it has very little activity. Is this normal for home brew or micro brewed beer? I won't drink my Miller Lite or Dos Equis flat, so why would I pay a premium for flat beer?


Carbonation is a function of beer style. The beer produced by the megabreweries is American Pilsener (aka Yellow American Fizzy Beer) which generally calls for a higher level of carbonation. Craft breweries tend to make different style beers. A Stout or Porter calls for a lower carbonation level to give a creamier mouthfeel. An IPA or a Hefeweizen would call for a higher level in order to transmit the aromatics.

FWIW - all beer is made with yeast. The carbonation can be achieved via bottle conditioning or forced conditioning. Bottle conditioning is adding a little sugar to the beer before bottling. The yeast which remain convert that sugar to CO2. Since the bottle is capped, the CO2 enters into solution. Forced conditioning is adding CO2 to a keg via a pressurized tank of CO2. Since the keg is sealed, the CO2 enters into solution. Either way, CO2 is CO2. Whether it came from a tank or yeast farts doesn't matter.

I have had plenty of micro brewed beer and even someones home made. It could be just the beer your have picked out, try another brand or another brew house. The glass is also very important in making a beer flat, make sure it is clean and no soap left in the glass. You will see that the beer goes flat very quickly with a soapy glass and you will smell it in the glass as well.

That's quite possible, considering that in Micro-brews they use YEAST, which was included in the original beer recipe. Anheuser-Busch, all commercial beers, use forced carbonation. Same with Pepsi, Coca Cola, etc.

You're not paying for carbonation, you're paying for QUALITY and flavor. You don't HAVE to though. Go back to drinking rice beer....More Micro brews left for the rest of us! :-D

Depends when it was shipped. That other crap you mentioned is weak fake processed women's lager that needs to die. Permanently.

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