Bartending income?? ?!

Question: Bartending income?? ?
I was wondering if going to a bartending school is worth it? And if I were to become a bartender would it be enough for me to make a living??


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if you go to school and love to talk and love to work
and you find a busy place you can make allot of money
in a busy place on a weekend you can make $500-$1000
where i work on a friday night
they usually make $4-$500 from 5pm -12am

My roomate in college went to 'bartending' school and she said that the amount they charge they say ppl are usually able to pay off 6mo. She took the bartending class and then had to take a ServSafe class...and actually the fact that she was ServSafe certified is the reason she got the first bartending job she got...they told her that that's why they hired her so I guess I would go for the class. Otherwise you could become a cocktail waitress or a bar back and move up to bartender.

but roomate made 250-450 a night.

don't bother with the class, it's expensive and restaurants/bars/clubs don't care about the "certificate" you get. they only care about experience. so work as a bar back and try working your way up. you do make excellent tips though as long as you're personable and know how to interact with people

personal experience

You get free drinks.....whoo hooo!

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