Is it okay to go to the bar yourself?!

Question: Is it okay to go to the bar yourself?
Im 24 & drinking sex on the beaches n setting pizza at the bar it's 7:22pm


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Yes. Have a good time.

yeah its ok to go alone, but make sure its a bar that you're comfortable with. dont make it a habit because you cant trust everyone and you dont know what are on the minds of other's. some may say hey its a young girl and she's alone. here's my chance to...ya know. so just be careful. not tryin to scare you but giving you real life advice. hope it helps girl and be safe :)

Sure. I'm 23 and go to the bar alone if I need to get out for a while. I usually pick a random "hole in the wall" kinda place near my house. There are always drunks to laugh at and bo
red regulars to talk to. Have fun

it's fine as long as you're happy :)
i'm 18 and i do that sometimes..

Sure, why not.

You should really read your message(s) before you send them.

Might make you look a little desperate to pick up guys/girls.. or look like an alcoholoc

I'm a bartender, most of my customers walk in alone.

I probably wouldn't, but plenty of people do...

I call that pulling a solo mission

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