i never know what drink to order when we go out and feel soo stupid...any safe driinks?? i?!

Question: I never know what drink to order when we go out and feel soo stupid...any safe driinks?? i?
i have been ordering my kettle one wiht grapefruit juice on the rocks.................is that ok???


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good god no.. you get that with Cranberry.

IF you want grapefruit juice, you need to order Skyy orange...

You can order a Seabreeze or a greyhound if you like grapefruit juice with vodka. Answer 1 is a little off. Grapefruit juice and vodka is actually just as classic as cranberry juice (known as a Cape Cod)

if you like the fruity drinks you could try a tequila sunrise or sunset.

If you want to branch out you could try a cosmopolitan. which is basically like a fruity vodka martini. I wouldn't order a classic martini if I were you. I think Gin is like gasoline. I know some people love it, but you may want to build up to it.

you can order a Cubra Libre (actual name for Rum and coke)

Keep in mind: If you don't specify what brand of liquor you want you get bar swill (unless you are in a very nice restaurant/bar that doesn't have a bottom shelf) But generally you should say something like "A grey goose seabreeze" or something along those lines so they know you don't want to drink acid.

Don't live your life worrying about what someone else thinks. Find a drink you like and order it.

next time, ask for a cement mixer. see how you like that.

if you like the taste it's fine.


any kind of light drinks

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