How to get sick overnight or at least fake it?!

Question: How to get sick overnight or at least fake it?
I have a very reasonable explination for why I want to do this. Well, recently, I've been falling behind in school and there's alot of homework I need to make up. And with all of the other homework I'm getting now, I need a day to finish everything else! It's currently 10:41 PM where I live. I live in New Hampshire so sleeping with my window open isn't an option because we're having huge gusts of winds up to 45 mph. Is there anyway to become sick overnight or fake it? My mom with probably believe it, but it's better if I have a fever. Please help me!


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I would say keep coughing and say you have a headache also rub your eyes and they'll go slightly red and dull
(I don't however recommend any of this medically speaking lol)

Experience lots and lots of experience

If I wanted to fake I would always pull the "Extreme Migraine" trick. It induces no fever and they will almost surely let you stay home.

However, after they stopped letting me play Xbox to "rest my eyes and head", I came up with other excuses.

OMG im in the same position. im skipping school tmrw lol
in the morning, pretend like u just threw up and cant get do ne thing.- warming a thermometer under water is a last resort

Streak around your block

tell your mom you started your period!

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