How long can a package of Brats stay unrefridgerated?!

Question: How long can a package of Brats stay unrefridgerated?
I left them in my backpack overnight. My room is roughly 60 degrees. Upon visual inspection they look alright but I realize bacteria might not be visible to the naked eye. I'm a die-hard packers fan and would love to continue my celebration by cooking up these brats but I would also like to not get food poisoning. Any knowledgeable input would be greatly appreciated.


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An hour to an hour-and-a-half at most... throw those things away. (and sanitize your backpack)

I'm assuming the brats were sealed in their own package. If they are smoked or precooked, they should be fine. if they are raw, i'd be real careful. In fact, I'd err on the side of caution and toss them. go and buy some more. spending 5-8 more dollars now may save you thousands in hospital bills later.

depends on the brats

if they are smoked brats, they likely would be safe overnight
if they are raw brats, a few hours at most before you should dispose of them.

6 days for raw meat. Do NOT waste them, that would be stupid.

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