How to Cover the smell of Alcohol?!

Question: How to Cover the smell of Alcohol?
So me and my friends sneak Alcohol into class...
but the problem is everytime we drink it stinks up the room like liquor... we usually bring lokos which dont really mix well with anything ive found so far, and vodka (mixed with coke or orange juice) but the orange juice doesnt really cover the smell up :/

So any ideas on things that TASTE GOOD mixed with four loko or vodka and also keep the shmell down?


You're an idiot...if you sneak alcohol into high school... if you can't even wait until you get home, you definitely have an "out of control drinking" problem..
And really, you're not impressing anyone. I'm also in high school, and you sound like an a** to me.
If you're going to try anything, I agree with "Murder"..try bleach haha
Have fun failing at life.

You can't. Alcohol will leave your body and pores eventually but the scent lingers.
Furthermore it seems you have no respect for the law or your body. 21 means 21.


You can't even wait until you get home to drink.
Not even out of high school and already fostering an out-of-control drinking habit.
The future of our society.

drink peppermint schnapps yo won't even have to worry about covering the smell

You probably shouldn't drink during school.

sorry nothing covers it.

Bleach. Try it.

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