What are some low-calorie alcoholic beverages/cocktails/shooters?!

Question: What are some low-calorie alcoholic beverages/cocktails/shooters?
I know this is kind of a silly question, but I like going out and getting sh*t-faced. But I'm also a dancer, so I have to mind my calorie-intake.

What are some lo-cal cocktails? Since I drink socially and just to get tipsy basically (<--Yeah, I'm a real classy lady), I need to know really hard drinks. My usual is Jack and club, but it's a little pricier than it should.



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Ignore vpapazol. Those cocktails are all high in calories.

Most distilled liquor has 65 calories per ounce. If you mix it with a diet/calorie-free mixer, the drink will still only have 65 calories. Mixers that have fewer calories include seltzer, diet soda, water and diet juices.

Low calories level is in coctails:
High Ball
Gin & Tonic
Rum & Cola
Bloody Mary


light rum is calorie free and gets u pretty wasted XD

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