I rescued a bottle of wine. It is a 5lt bottle that won an award in 1983.?!

Question: I rescued a bottle of wine. It is a 5lt bottle that won an award in 1983.?
It is a French wine and due to it's age the lable is slightly damaged, although still mostly readable.

The wine is called 'Domaine de Puechredon'. At least I think that is the name, the 'h' in Puechredon is a guess because the lable has been ripped.

It won 'Medaille D' Argent, Concours General Agricole De Paris 1983. So it is at least 28 years old, and the wax seal is in tact.

Can anyone tell me how I can find out online if the bottle is worth anything? Or if they know anything about the wine.

Otherwise it might just get drunk.



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Can't find any info on the 1983, but given that 'Domaine de Puechredon' wines are very inexpensive, I would assume the wine is not valuable and probably not in good shape.
I would at least open and taste, who knows, maybe the bottle was kept under ideal conditions and the wine is still drinkable, but I doubt even that.

Give me and I'll find out mate!

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