What is a decent pipe tobacco to start with?!

Question: What is a decent pipe tobacco to start with?
I live in canada and smoke a pipe very rarely. the last tobacco i bought was cherry cavindish, it tasted good but had wayy to much tongue bite. Any ideas for another brand or how to reduce tongue bite?


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I happen to like MccCLelland pipe tobacco myself. There are a couple that have good flavor, taste, and leave a great room note. But if you had tongue bite, it is possible your smoking a bit to fast. You could try slowing down just a little. If you do get higher priced tobaccos they tend to not bite at all.

me, I smoke a pipe.

Many of the strongly flavored tobaccos will cause it. You can reduce it a little by slowing down on your puffing. Some tobaccos will do it to you no matter what. I suggest you check out the link below. It goes to a pipe tobacco review site where you can read other peoples experiences with the many different varieties out there.

Tobaccos are like foods. Some you will love and some you will hate. Even on the reviews of very popular tobaccos it's like that.

Most Burleys won't bite you but pure Burley will often give you what is known as the burley bitters. Near the bottom of the bowl the flavor changes and often times people simply dump the unused portion and start again.


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