What should a beginning wine drinking try?!

Question: What should a beginning wine drinking try?
I want to start getting into wine culture but I have a sensitive taste but know once I drink something more frequently I find the good in it. What would be a good wine(s) to start off with preferably something with the least bitter taste. Any advice to get myself to like wine more?


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sweet red by llano is my fave

or any white zin

pinot grigio is easy on the buds

or muscatto if you like sweet

personal experience

It's best to start on wines with the most inoffensive tastes. First try mixed wine drinks - sangria is a good one for red wine, or you can make some punch with white wine, juice etc which will sort of mask the taste (no matter how nasty the wine may be!) When they start out, many people prefer sweet wines like moscato. If you live near wineries, maybe go to one and tell them you've never tried wine before and they'll be able to give you some reccomendations.

Arbor Mist is good and cheap. Also Mascotia Daisi. (dont know if I spelled that right)..These are the ones I started on. Now we go to wineries and do wine tasting and find wine that we like that way.

--Good Luck---

Start with something made for the beginner, like Yellow Tail brand. They tend to have a bit of residual sugar and easy drinking (although a bit bland).
White might be better for a begiiner too...

I would recommend starting with something not too dry, because that is an acquired taste. I would start with a nice, cold glass of White-Zinfadel. It is a little bit sweet, and goes down smooth.

Although it is a little dry my favorite wine is sangria, its has great flavor and is usually served with orange slices in it.

Try the Merlot grape variety or a Cabernet Sauvignon, they are quite smooth reds.

Own preference

Taste is very subjective. I suggest trying different types. Buy a variety when they are on sale. Over time, you'll learn your likes and dislikes.

Here a re sampling of fine wines to get your started. They are all excellent and won't set you back a lot of $s.

MD 20/20
Night Train
Wild Irish Rose

Apothic Red Winemakers Blend.

wine cooler

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