Please help with hang over...?!

Question: Please help with hang over...?
I keep puking. Im so tired, but if i lay down i will get sick and need to puke. Im shivering. I tried to eat a pretzel but i cant swallow it.

What can i do to feel a bit better?


A nice shower might help
A heating pad for the shivering (they're only like $10 at a local drug store if you don't have one call someone to pick it up for you maybe?)
Sip flat ginger ale & eat crackers slowly
Treat it like a stomach virus and sit up in bed in a dark room with a cloth over your head.

Sucking on mints or ice cubes may help as well since your main problem here seems to be nausea.
Hope this helps.

to get rid of a hang over, try drinking water. then later about drink some coke, and eat some salt and viniger crisps. the water will hydrate you, the coke will give you a bit of energy and the salt nd vinigar will absorb some of the alcahol :)


Call a friend and tell them to bring you some pedialytre.
It's made to rehydrate kids but it'll work for you.

This is why I don't drink much anymore...they ain't really much you can do...hope you feel better soon though...........

Not much. Only time can cure a hangover

I'm sorry you're feeling poorly

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