if you want to hang out with some people at a bar but you don't drink, how can you go about that without...?!

Question: If you want to hang out with some people at a bar but you don't drink, how can you go about that without...?
bringing attention to that fact?


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You socialize just as you would at any other location. If you are thirsty order something to drink. If you are hungry order something to eat. I see no need to consult others on such a natural situation.

Most people won't think it's a big deal that you don't want to drink. I rarely drink alcohol as I'm usually the driver, and no one ever looks twice when I order a plain gingerale or cranberry juice and soda water. The bartender will even put it in a fancy glass with a little umbrella if you ask.

be the DD and you will always be invited. I wish i had a friend that never wanted to drink and could always drive our group.

but if you really dont want to draw attention to it, just order a club soda and put a lime in it and carry it around. if youre offered a shot or something just say no thanks you dont take shots.

Well, I would order a soda with a slice of fruit like lemon or lime. It will look like a drink...can I ask why you don't want them to know you do not drink?

Just drink soda.

Notg a big deal order a coke/pepsi, or even 7-up or sprite with a lime to mae it look more like a "drink".

i just be myself, i order coke or pepsi all the time as im a recovered alcoholic and no one says anything, to them its normal

take drugs dude!

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