What is the drinking age in Italy?!

Question: What is the drinking age in Italy?
I'm going to Italy for a school trip,and I was wondering if it was legal for me to purchase/drink alcohol there.
I'm 16, and I'm from Canada.


Drinking - no minium age to buy or drink; to drink in public places (bars, etc) there is a minimum age of 16

Italian Age Limits - http://theitalywiki.com/index.php/Age_Li…

i'm italian girl,i live in milan... here nobody check you document..no problem to drink and smoke..when i was 14 i already drinking with no problem! we aren't drunkards!!! the the legal age is 18 but...no problem you are 16!

Generally nobody asks you ur age, even if the age limit is 16 or 18..

I'm Italian

There is no drinking age in Italy but the purchase age is 16 and up.


you can buy alcohol in italy from the age of 16.

there is none

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