How long does it take for weed to get put of your system ?!

Question: How long does it take for weed to get put of your system ?
My friend said that if you smoke weed. It will be out of your system in four days if you drink like 2 bottles of water a day. And that it doesn't take 30 days. How long does it really take ?


Kim Sca's answer is ******* ridiculous so let me set the facts straight. Weed does not burn holes in your throat and access your nervous system that way lol thats the funniest anti-weed thing I've ever heard. It goes into your lungs when you inhale and that brings THC and other cannabinoids to your brain. They block some receptors in your brain which can cause euphoria, but it does not fry your brain there are some studies that show it actually increases neuron creation in the brain (more brain cells) but no proof yet.

It takes different amounts of time depending on how often you smoke and what your daily routine is. If you smoke once and are in good shape and work out every day it will probably be gone in less than a week. It gets absorbed into your fat cells, (not in your brain lol) and when they are burned it gets released into your system (trace amounts nothing serious) and then are peed out.

If you smoke everyday for years it will obviously stay in a lot longer. But average I'd have to say between 5-8 weeks if you smoke somewhat often and are in decent shape.

Unless you have a hair drug test then it will be in there as long as you have your hair lolz.

Ok Kim Sca's answer is just retarted and she sounds like she is into scaring people away from things like Organized Religion does. Try it for yourself, if you like it fine just dont overdo it, if you dont like it then dont do it...its all about personal experience Kim Sca you hypocrite you probably smoke every day how else would you know so much about


around 3 months. first the smoke goes in your throat starts burning microscopic holes in there. then the smoke escapes from those holes, goes to your nerves THHHHHEEENNN, it triggers ur nerves cause slight memory loss, and it just sets in and around ur nervous system until it clears out. MOST OF IT clears out. the rest just stays there causing permanent brain damage. ISNT THAT WONDERFUL???arent u proud of ur self?

THC is stored in your fat cells. It could be a year and that one fat cell will release its fat and boom, you have THC in your system. Generally, it does take 30 days.

One month. But if they check your hair, it will be there as long as the part of your hair which was growing when you smoked is there to be sampled.

256 days, 4 hours, 23 min, and 3 seconds

2 months give or take a month.


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