What's the difference between rolling and ecstasy ?!

Question: What's the difference between rolling and ecstasy ?

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"Rolling" is the slang term for being under the influence of MDMA, the drug which is known on the street as 'Ecstasy'. When MDMA was made illegal in 1985 the drug made it's way into the illegal underground where it coined the nickname ecstasy. The issue though was then people began cutting pills with substances other than MDMA and could be dangerous. As various pills made there way around with various substances the term ecstasy stuck. A 'pokieball' is a term for a pill with high amounts of MDMA and 'molly' is slang for a pill considered clean and not cut with additives. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions!

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Rolling doesn't necessarily indicate taking repeated doses. "Rolling" just means you are high on ecstasy. Ecstasy tablets are commonly referred to as "rolls". I'm not sure where the term "rolling" originated or how it was coined (I've heard some people say that it is due to the fact that the ecstasy high will decrease in intensity, and then increase in intensity again several times throughout the experience, like being on a roller coaster, thus the term "rolling", but I'm not sure how accurate that is), but anytime you are high on ecstasy you are rolling. The state of "rolling" does not mean taking repeated doses. It just means you're on ecstasy.

rolling is when you take X and then when you start to come down from it, you pop another pill and keep on rollin'! X is just the drug and rolling is the act of constantly taking the taking the drug to keep the high

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rolling is just a term to refer to when youre high on ecstasy.

experienced ecstasy user.

ecstasy is the noun

rolling is the verb

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