What will happen if I have more then one drink a day?!

Question: What will happen if I have more then one drink a day?
I do not want to obey the recommended governement f*cking one drink a day for women thing what will happen if I drink more then one standard drink in a day?


Lol. Watch out 5 ounce wine lady! Why don't you choose a day to go out with your friends and drink instead of drinking everyday. Drinking everyday and getting tipsy will leave you unclear headed and sluggish.

I used to drink heavily on the weekends all the time and I'm still alive. The government exaggerates and people worry too much. You'll tire yourself out of drinking that much eventually.

That lady doesn't know who she's messin' with, lol.

What the government fails to mention is that one drink a day limit is based on the assumption all women are of same size weight and height! Dont listen to a recomendation from someone who has no idea your individual body type! You would be healthy if you had two drinks a day.

my grandfather (full blood italian) drank 1 or 2 glasses of red wine and a coffee royal (whiskey & coffee& cream) everyday ..he lived to be 102 years old ,with a heart as strong as an ox he passed away in his sleep.. shortly after my grandmother passed. she was 99 and did not drink ...and had high blood pressure... died of heart failure... i think you can use it in moderation and it can be a good thing ,i remember my grandfather always in a "Happy Mood" SALUTE!!

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