someone in a chat room told me to stop drinking alcohol cause it's not healthy for body organs what to do?!

Question: Someone in a chat room told me to stop drinking alcohol cause it's not healthy for body organs what to do?
someone in a chat room told me to stop drinking cause it's not healthy but I like to drink and refuse to take the advice from a stranger. I told this person I really enjoy alcohol their reply was "Of course you do I know alcohol is yummy and tasty and I understand you really enjoy it but it shouldn't be more important then your health and if you really want to stay healthy I urge you to give up alcohol so you can live a long and healthy life free of health problems" this response I got led to more and more arguing and I just got very upset and he/she told me I should abstain from alcohol cause it aint the best thing for your health. But I want to keep drinking what should I do who is right them or me?


From what you have told us in the past, you are also overweight which means you could very well have a fatty liver from that alone. Add drinking to this and then you have a double whammy hitting your liver. A fatty liver can progress to a condition called NASH which can lead to cirrhosis and this can happen to someone who drinks no alcohol at all. I think you are at a much higher risk of getting cirrhosis than you want to believe. If you refuse to take advice from a stranger, then why would you ever ask the same question over and over to all the strangers on here? You only listen to the ones that tell you what you want to hear. Anything negative about drinking and you become argumentative and ignore their advice. You are obsessed with this one question as to whether or not you can be a binge drinker and manage to stay alive and healthy. This must be all you ever think about. So sad to be so obesessed with something and be unable or unwilling to do anything about it to help yourself. Keep asking this same question over and over again. I'm sure someone will tell you what you want to hear every now and then which makes you feel better. Doesn't mean it is true, but you can pretend it is. No one can really say what your future will be, but the odds of you being well are stacked against you no matter what you want to believe.

Alcohol should be taken in only in moderation.

For example Red Wine is good for the heart.

Even our Lord Jesus Christ miraculously changed water into wine at a Wedding Feast that he attended.

However drinking too much is condemned and if done habitually will cause Liver Problems.

What's the point of asking then 500 questions you've asked in the last ten months if you ignore all the answers? you know the correct answer you just don't want to hear the truth.

Alcohol is reeeaaalllly bad for. As bad as most drugs. But i drink bcuz i love it. Just dont become an alcoholic.

Do what you want, you said you don't take advice from strangers

Chug a six pack and tell that mormon to stuff himself

Well how much do you drink?

There is a limit for safe consumption. Different national health councils around the world have settled on different numbers, but in general you shouldn't have more than 1 or 2 drinks per day. Drinking every day in any amount could harm you.

Drinking responsibly will not hurt you. And shame on the person you were talking to for trying to force their morals on other people.

Ah, I didn't recognize your name.

Okay, here's the thing. You're very headstrong, and that's okay, but you're also extremely in denial. So much so that you explicitly refuse to take good advice when it is given to you. And yet, the fact that you've been asking questions about your drinking habits for months shows that you really do understand that something is wrong. The fact that you've been concerned on some level for so long and yet unable or unwilling to do anything about it shows that you do indeed have a problem.

Therefore, go to AA.

Added again:
AA is for people who have a problem controlling their alcohol consumption. Even if you aren't an alcoholic right now, you clearly do have an issue if only because you continually worry that you are harming your body, yet are unable to take any positive action to make yourself feel better (ie. drink less.) Furthermore, I saw your other question where you became belligerent to the point of physical threats at a woman on a website at the mere suggestion that your portioning is unhealthy. You also specifically expressed your desire to drink solely to get drunk, which just screams "unhealthy escapism". That whole question was a great example of you refusing to accept good advice, even though you and I both know that you understand how good the advice is.

You may not need to go completely sober. But you obviously need a hand with cutting back to a healthy level of consumption, and there is nothing wrong with getting help.

Added again again:
You're speaking entirely in hypotheticals, and pretending they are fact. The only fact is that you've never been to an AA meeting before. You don't know what they will tell you. If you find the phone number for your local AA group, I'm sure you can call and ask them about what help they can extend to you. I'm quite sure they won't just leave you hanging.

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