i took 5 ibuprofens and a bit of alcohol... What are the effects?!

Question: I took 5 ibuprofens and a bit of alcohol... What are the effects?

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Not good for your liver....

Ibuprofen is an NSAID pain reliever, and lucky for you it is only rough on the GI system. This is opposed to Tylenol, which is hard on your liver (as is alcohol clearly).

If you had an empty stomach, expect major discomfort and possibly heartburn. If not, you may not notice any negative effects. Just never, ever mix Tylenol with alcohol.

terrible idea. no effects, besides drunkenness. taking ibuprofen with alcohol can prove fatal for some individuals. but most likely youll be fine. just don't do it again

non ,except maybe an irritated stomach,go and eat something as you could get a stomach bleed,it wont kill you.

nurse/pharmacy tech


what is ibuprofens?
but for sure, I know it going to turn out bad....

might feel sicck

you tell us!!!!!!!

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