How do you add beer or liquor to cake mix to make cupcakes?!

Question: How do you add beer or liquor to cake mix to make cupcakes?
I have cake mix and want to make cupcakes with alcohol in them how would I do that?


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put it in a syringe

I have two great recipes- one for the cupcakes and one for the icing. You can substitute your favorite alcohol. These are delicious!!! I included how to easily fill the cupcake pans without a mess.………

I wouldn't add beer but you could add, say a rum of some sort, to them. You would carefully drizzle this on the cupcakes AFTER they are baked. Let it lightly soak in the cupcakes then frost them. You're gonna have to determine what rum or liquor would taste best depending on the flavor cake batter you chose. Might take some trial and error though. Good luck and send me a sample.

The heat of the oven would kill the alcohol. Your best bet would be to make the cupcakes, then make icing with vodka or rum.

you can also mix it in the batter. look for recipes on google as welll.

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