Need wine recommendations?!

Question: Need wine recommendations?
Not with dinner or anything, just to drink. Something for beginners. I def don't have a wine palette, but I don't want to buy some generic Budweiser of wines. A good bottle.


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Look for a Piesporter. It's very lightly sweet and easy to drink, but more "upscale" than a white zinfandel. Goes great with just about any meal, dessert, or by itself.
If you want something really sweet, look for a Gerwurtztremeiner (sp?) or a Reisling. Though these are pretty rich.
If you want a red, go for an Oregon Pinot Noir. And get a bottle that's atleast $20, and you should be pretty pleased with it. Oregon puts out very nice wine, and cheese. Oh look, the two go together :-)
If you can find some Tillamook cheddar cheese to go with your wine, you're sittin pretty.

Moscato or Relax Reisling

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