Marijuana vs. Mr. Nice guy?!

Question: Marijuana vs. Mr. Nice guy?
Which is better? Which is healthier? Describe side effects of each is you know first hand please.


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wow what a dumb question, mr nice guy doesnt get you high, its a herb blend that you smoke for flavor.

Well both are dangerous. While I don't know about marijuana, I can tell you that Mr. Nice Guy is also dangerous. The side affects are low self esteem and a broken heart and trauma and abuse. Mr. nice guy is only nice when you start to date him, he can't maintain that behavior, so eventually the abuse starts and depending on how fast you get away, depends on how scarred for life you end up. It is like that saying.....the more I know people, the more I love my dog. Get a dog.…

Personally I like energy never dies, its stronger than k2 or mr nice guy, check at your local shops or you can get it online at and a few other sites.

i perfer the incense more than weed the hgh is better,but weed is more healthier,incense makes your brain swell.

Are you saying people who smoke trees cant be nice people? Get yo facts straight son!

Mary Jane, duh.

Your stupid vs. Your a Peon...


your both.

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