what gets rid of weed breath fast?!

Question: What gets rid of weed breath fast?
brushing and listerine dont work right after, she said she can smell cigarette smoke out of my nose?.....


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eat some onions lol
that smell can overpower nearly anything! xD

Extra strong mints?
Crush in mouth & breathe out thru your nose, ask her to smell again for an opinion.
Next time, skip the weed & decrease any threat of mental illness or risk upsetting her further.
What's more important, Her or weed?

I rest my case.

We used to suck on a lemon wedge when we took a cigarette bread at the restaurant - it worked great - we also rinsed our hands with the wedge - natural deodorizer

Hmm you smoke weed you smell of weed... You don't smoke weed you don't smell of weed - what am I missing here?

Don't do it...

Common sense

I use gum and it works all the time for me.

actually, just smoke more weed. if you get the munchies you'll just smell like whatever food you ate

nothing does, if you're that desperate you shouldn't be doing weed in the first place

Brush listerine and chew strong gum

Just inhale.


Uh oh! someones down sh*t creek without a paddle!

thats a hard question.

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