does making pot brownies make your house smell?!

Question: Does making pot brownies make your house smell?
does making pot brownies make your house smell bad? what are the effects?
any opinions?


It depends on how you do it, if you make some herb butter separately and then use it to make the brownies then yes your house will smell like pot.

If you crush the weed up and fold it in the brownie mix then no your house wont smell like Ganja, it will smell like chocolate. Just make sure that nobody who you don't want to smell it is around just in case they have a k-9 nose....

Last time we made brownies we mulched the weed then laced in the batter and it reeked a little.

We where using OG Skunk tho so what do you expect

The house will smell like brownies baking. The effect will be like smoking it, but takes several minutes for the effect to be felt since it has to be absorbed through the intestines instead of through the lungs.

It smells're baking brownies. Doh!

The local police Should know, go ask em....

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