How long does alcohol stay in ur body?!

Question: How long does alcohol stay in ur body?

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About 8-12 hours.

generally about 1 hour per drink

HOWEVER, there are tests that can be done to detcted if you have been drinking past that
the most commmon is an ETG urine alcohol test, which detects chemicals that you break the alcohol down into. generally these tests can detect them back 3-4 days in the past

there is also a hair test that can go back months, but its uncommon, since its significantly more expensive.

It takes the average person one hour to process a 12 oz beer, 1 oz shot of liquor, or a glass of wine. This is also affected by your weight. If you are skinny it takes a little longer and alcohol affects you faster.

depends on how much you drink. .02% which is equal to 1 beer is detectable in your body for 1 hour.also depends on weight,intake,tolerance,food consumpution,time.

Depends on your weight, gender, tolerance to alcohol, what / how much you drank ...

If you're underaged, you really shouldn't drink. No sense complicating your life further.

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