who's the bigger idiot, a drunk driver or their sober Passenger?!

Question: Who's the bigger idiot, a drunk driver or their sober Passenger?

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Great question!!
I am torn between the two and feel they may be equally stupid people. On the first case the drunk driver tells me he/she can't make a wise and rational decision when drinking. The second person (sober or not) is a fool for getting into a car with a drunk who is the driver. The first can't control themselves and the second can't either. But being assumed sober, the passenger should have the clear thought "DANGER" and drive the car themselves.

There is fault on both sides

Drunk driver: if you are going o be drinking don't drive to the party! Walk, take a cab or get a DD. Hand over you're keys as soon as you get your first drink.

Sober Passenger: what kind of a friend are you? Look after your drunk friend! Drive them home and make sure they're not endangering anyone and for god sales don't put your life in their impaired hands! You're sober use your head!

People don't know how to party responsibly these days.

My brain

Sober Passenger biggest Idiot, Its better to live another day than to be buried another day.

Been there, done that.

Sober passenger, they let them self get in the car, and let the person drive. there a bad friends and obviously dont care about there safety.

The drunk driver who has to listen to the sober passenger's terrified screams as he smashes into a bridge.

The sober passenger....he isn't being impaired by alcohol, he's naturally an idiot.

They're both idiots, but the sober passenger should have better judgment between the two.


Drunk driver for going behind the wheel.
sober Passanger for not doing anything.

Hope this helpes!

sober passenger. Who gets into a vehicle with a drunk person? that just proves their own stupidity.

The sober passenger for not saying anything lol

They are equally lacking common sense and decency.

Thee Sober Passenger For Letting Thee Driver Drive Drunk !

definitely the sober passenger

Good question. It is the sober passenger.

Both. The sober one should be driving

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