Which Moet champagne is most expensive?!

Question: Which Moet champagne is most expensive?
I got my hubby his favorite champagne...or so I hope. He loves Moet. He buys it on special occassions-so I bought it for Valentines. Now, I'm wondering if this is the right one! I personally have never bought it, he usually does. He always refers to it as pricey, and I got the Moet Imperial for like $50.
Now I'm panicking. Maybe this isn't the particular one he buys! Agggh!


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Ah look .... you went to the trouble of buying him champagne, even if it's not the one he buys, if he doesn't appreciate your efforts......he doesn't deserve you.

and anyway you can pay $100's (even $1,000's) on a bottle of Moet depending on the vintage.

Imperial is about $30 at

Nectar Imperial is about $50

Dom Perignon made by Moet is a little bit more.

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