Does anyone have any good drink ideas for Three Olives Dude Flavored Vodka?!

Question: Does anyone have any good drink ideas for Three Olives Dude Flavored Vodka?
I just bought the Three Olives: Dude. It's supposed to be flavored like Mountain Dew and I was wondering if anyone had ideas for cocktails or shots? The only thing I've tried is mixing it with tonic water. Mixing it with Mountain Dew seems kinda pointless.


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-Soda water is better than tonic, it'll bring out the flavor with the bubbles as they pop in your mouth.
-Use lot's of ice too, it'll make it really smooth.
-Shots: Method- juice of 1/2 lime (1/2 oz), 1/2 oz. simple syrup (sugar water), 4 sprigs of basil or mint, and muddle lightly, top off with 2 oz vodka and ice...shake then strain into shot glass equals awesome!!!

Does is say it's Mt. Dew flavored? If not who told you that?

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Mix it with juice of 1/2 lime, splash of cranberry juice, and you'll have a Cosmo!


In a highball or bucket glass filled with ice
1 oz. Vodka
Fill with Orange Juice

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