Why do you put a strawberry in champagne?!

Question: Why do you put a strawberry in champagne?

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AS stated be for it will make Champagne go flat very quickly.
and the people who claim it make Champagne taste nice have never had Champagne or put a strawberry it it ether.
just a sparkling rubbish wine
It does not make the slightest difference in fact it ruins the taste altogether.
Its just done for photographic effect nothing more nothing less.

You don't.

Ever since the movie Pretty Woman, people think it's somehow "classy" to put a strawberry in Champagne. Soooo untrue.

Not only will it make your Champagne go flatter more quickly, it's sweeter than most Champagnes (assuming you're drinking Brut). When the food you eat is sweeter than the wine you're drinking, it makes the wine taste sour and horribly unpleasant.

I'm a sommelier.

It does look good in the glass, and then you eat the stawberry at the end, which does pair nicely with champagne...

people do thing for silly reasons it might be because it tastes sweet or you just like it

I don't. That's going to make your champagne go flat a lot quicker. Just eat them separately.

I think it spoils the champagne so don't

it's pretty and tastes yummy.

Because it has acrap taste on it`s own

to give fantastic taste.

to give it flavour

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